Laran Hair Fantasy


Lorenzo & Wanda Griffin
Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer
LaRan Professional Hair Care System

Greetings. We are Lorenzo and Wanda Griffin, husband and wife, of LaRan Professional Hair Care System, a “Salon Exclusive” line of professional hair care products located in Southern California. We believe the Spirit of Entrepreneurship is alive and well in the Beauty Industry. This is an industry where miracles happen each day. People are made to fly daily without ever leaving the ground! What other industry can do that?

Lorenzo comes with over twenty-six years of experience in the Beauty Industry. He has provided hair care products to some of the Top Celebrities in the Entertainment Industry. He has help to develop and elevate the skills of some of the most Elite Educators in the Beauty Industry through the “Three E Principles” of Education, Experience, and Exposure. Wanda comes with over twenty-five years of experience in providing services to families and children. Wanda’s current passion and commitment is serving Professional Hair Designers and Rising Stars through Education and Motivation.

LaRan’s Mission Statement is, “Empowering Tomorrow’s Stylist Today through Education, Motivation, and Innovation”. We must learn more….in order to earn more…so that we may…..return more. We must Motivate ourselves as frequently as we bath ourselves……at least daily. Innovation is about constantly finding more ways to add value to the lives of other people. The fundamental desire of an Innovator is to Help, Serve, and Solve.

We salute Professional Hair Designers and Rising Stars for taking their clients each day from the launching pads of endless possibilities to dreams that become a reality.

Our vision has become our reality through Goals, Order, and Determination; the acronym for GOD!


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